Tip: How to Secure Loose Pegboard Hooks

Happy Monday, folks! Hope those of you who celebrated Independence Day over the weekend had as relaxing of a time as I did. I am busy trying to work off a few extra hot dogs today, but it’s back to the DIY program, so let’s jump right in with a quick & easy tip.

I made the same mistake that a lot of homeowners do when they install a pegboard wall for the first time: I bought a cheap set of assorted peg hooks.

I may have saved myself a few bucks, and the hook even had a secondary “locking” piece so that it hooked into more than one peg at a time, but even that wasn’t enough to prevent this:

Frig. The hook comes off right with the tool and falls to the floor. Not really a great way to stay organized. But luckily, one of my assorted kits (I found another one while cleaning out the garage last weekend) came with these plastic locking doodads. The pegs that came with the kit were thick enough that they fit in the pegs securely on their own, so I had plenty of these things left over to use on the cheaper, thinner hooks.

They are easy to install; just snap them onto the peg, and they secure the hook horizontally.

And just like that, the  hook stays put when trying to yank a took off the wall (which I’m always doing since I’m never not in a hurry).

There’s one downside to this method: the plastic hooks need to be spread further apart in order to lock, so you can’t stack the hooks side by side like usual. So if you want to do a different DIY version, I would suggest threading some wire through the hole and around the hook. This takes a little more patience and won’t let you move the hooks around as easily, but it seems like a pretty great alternative.

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