The Notion Home Sensor Acts as Your Eyes and Ears When You’re Away

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Now that the smart home has infiltrated our lives, home monitoring comes in all types of flavors. We’re used to one device to handle one task. The new Notion wireless home monitoring system promises to be the all-in-one smart home device that has your home covered.

Founders Brett Jurgens and Ryan Margoles are childhood friends, who have a vision for redefining the home sensor and making it work for you. That means inventing a device that is capable of monitoring a myriad of tasks and actions throughout your home.

Some examples include:
– Will notify you if your water heater leaks, if your garage door is left open, unusual sounds in your home, if a liquor or gun cabinet is opened, or if the lights are left on in the living room.
– Can be placed anywhere.
– Detects acceleration, water leaks, temperature, sound, natural frequency and more.
– Sends alerts directly to a phone, tablet, or computer via email, text, or push notification. Alerts can be sent to family and friends.
– Notion gets smarter over time as it starts to recognize how you live your life.
Check out the quick video.

Prices start at $129 per sensor + bridge

Timothy Dahl


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