Christmas Tree Fire Demonstration

A dry Christmas tree in your home is more dangerous than you think.

If the tree catches on fire, and does so low in the tree near the floor, it burns HOT, rapidly and with great intensity.

Watch the video below and then come back here in the fall of 2015.

This fall there will be a NEW PRODUCT available so if it ever happens to you and you’re NOT in the room with the tree, you have nearly instant notice to call 911 and EVACUATE your home with all your loved ones.

Do NOT try to fight a Christmas tree fire. GET OUT OF THE HOUSE.

Look at the TIMER on the video screen after the tree ignites to see how in less than 30 seconds you would be overcome by smoke and the high temperatures in the room.

So what did you think? Isn’t that scary?

This fall you can get a special wireless ALARM that looks like a tree ornament. It senses the fire before your regular smoke detectors would giving you the EXTRA SECONDS you need in a situation like this.

EMAIL ME in the fall to discover when this alarm will be available.


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