Patio Slopes Toward House

Sandra Schumacher lives up in the land of billions of barrels of oil better known as Bismarck, North Dakota.

She’s got a problem with here patio because it slopes towards her house.

Allow her to explain.

“We have a 10 x 12 concrete patio that has sloped toward the house causing leakage during rainstorms.

Could we pour a new concrete patio over the top with the proper slope (and enlarging to 14 x 12) or is it best to tear out the existing patio and start fresh?”

Here’s my answer:

Sandra, you can do an overlay and not take out the existing patio.

If you go this route here’s what I’d make sure of:

  • the surface of the patio next to the house must be at least 6 inches down from the bottom of the first row of siding or whatever is the exterior covering of the house
  • the new patio concrete must be a minimum of 4 inches thick and contain 1/2-inch steel reinforcing bars set on 2-foot centers going both directions – failure to do this will produce a crack where the larger patio extends over the existing one

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